Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shake Your Tambourine!

I have an entire cupboard of paper plates left over from my son's birthday party, so a lot of my crafts have been focusing on using those. I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm a bit of a craft hoarder because I hold onto every scrap of paper, piece of ribbon, or nearly dried up pot of paint. But, where he sees junk I see possibilities! Or, at the very least, something we can cover with glue and glitter.

Today, we made paper plate tambourines.

What You Need:

2 paper plates (same size)
glue gun or stapler

How To:

Let your child decorate the bottoms of both plates. We used paints, glitter glue and stickers. Once that has dried, pour rice onto one plate (unpainted side) and then quickly apply hot glue around rim and press the other plate on top. 

By the time I had finished putting the glue on a lot of it was drying, so I added some extra glue to the gaps and it was good to go.
And there you have an easy to make tambourine! Feel free to add ribbon, I would have but my son refused.

We also did toilet paper roll painting! I had an empty toilet paper roll in my craft bin (I knew I would find a use for it!) and saw this idea on another blog.

All you need are paints, a piece of paper, a paper plate and a toilet paper or paper towel roll.

Simply drop some blobs of paint onto a paper plate, dip the end of the roll into the paint and press onto the paper!

My son liked to squeeze the roll to get different shapes and ended up dipping the side into the paint and rolling it along the paper (which resulted in some seriously messy hands).

Easy and fun!

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